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Zhejiang Kecong Completes Series A Financing of Nearly 100 Million RMB: Continues to Lead the Mobile
Release time:2024-01-16

Recently, Zhejiang Kecong completed the series A round of nearly 100 million yuan financing by Yuanjing Capital. Hardcore capital to support hard tech, this round of funds will be mainly used to increase investment in research and development, accelerate product iteration, improve the quality of service, and strengthen the company's global market.

     Huge track for mobile robots, positioning a focused and professional control system company.

    Influenced by industrial upgrading, technological iteration and innovation, demographic changes, and policy support, mobile robots have become a fast-growing field. According to the preliminary estimates of the New Strategy Mobile Robot Industry Research Institute, the industry is in the early stage of rapid development, and the future is expected to be a trillion-dollar market.


    KC provides customers with mobile robot core components and total solutions, helping customers build any mobile robot. KC products are widely used in various industries, serving more than 800 + customers are widely recognized and praised by the market!

    Core products support any mobile robot, with outstanding features and leading technology.

   With the mission of “Let mobile robots serve human beings”, KC takes "Practitioner of the Robot Era" as the positioning. The solution is based on fully independent intellectual property rights of the navigation control system as the core, through perception and reasoning and other AI technology to achieve: human-machine cooperation, human-machine collaboration, and human-machine integration.


   Kecong products support different navigation methods and chassis methods, which help our clients in building any kind of mobile robot. Laser SLAM navigation in the experiment environment, the navigation accuracy breakthrough to ± 1mm, angle control ±0.1°. Supporting the unique secondary development platform, graphical application software, practical toolchain software, and powerful dispatching simulation platform. Allow customers to quickly and freely build mobile robots.

     Down-to-earth to create a complete mobile robot upstream industry chain ecological

    Kecong provides open interfaces, which support any third-party brand access, to provide customers with more reliable, more standardized, more open, and more competitive integration of the overall solution and ecological cooperation to jointly empower customers.


   Software Partners: Our controllers have fully open hardware interfaces and software interfaces to support access to third-party software devices, and provide each partner with a complete selection of business software including WMS, MES, WCS, ERP, RCS, APP, and so on.

    Core Supply Chain Partners: Our controller is an open standard platform that supports all types of navigation methods and chassis types and supports the development of all kinds of AGV/AMR, and we provide our partners with a complete selection of electronic control systems, including core controllers, navigation sensors, motors & drives, and even switches.

    Vehicle body partners:We provide the standard and standard body options for each partner, and work with our mechanical partners to help our customers solve some problems, including complete vehicle detail adjustment, overall OEM, and appearance customization.

     Investor Introduction

   Yuanjing Capital was founded in 2015 by Wu Yongming, co-founder of Alibaba. Focusing on hardcore technology, industrial intelligence, industrial digital intelligence, medical technology, cross-border e-commerce, etc., Yuan Jing Capital has invested in more than 150 projects, including Li AutoTuya smart, Percutek, MINIEYE, Jushuitan Technology, Fada, Style3D, Flexport, Dp Technology, Fourier Intelligence, and so on.

As the investor of this round of financing, Hongliang Chen, Partner of Yuanjing Capital, said:

    "In today's industrial mobile robot market with increasingly fierce competition, rapid technology iteration, and flexible application scenarios, we are fully optimistic about the key value of core controller components for the rapid penetration of overall industrial automation. With a strong accumulation of control technology and experience in full scenarios and full solutions, the KC team has seen significant improvements in product definition, performance growth, and customer expansion. We are excited to work with Mr.Chen and the company to explore the industrial sector together with the robotics direction to further promote the in-depth development of Industry 4.0 in China."

As an angel investment, Zhu Guoying, president of Da Jing Venture Capital, said:

     As an angel investment in Zhejiang Kecong, we are optimistic that Kecong can play a greater value in the development process of China's mobile robotics industry. Yuanjing Capital's investment fully proves the investors’ confidence and support for Kecong and the industry, and at the same time will boost Kecong to achieve a more in-depth layout and more rapid development in the field of mobile robots.”