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KC introduces Golden Ant investment to complete series A + round of financing
Release time:2024-05-28

Recently, KC introduces Golden Ant investment to complete nearly 100 million RMB of series A + round of financing.

This round of financing was led by Golden Ant Investment and followed by Yuanjing Capital, a long-time shareholder. This round of funding is mainly used for capacity expansion, significantly increase production capacity to meet the needs of the sales outbreak and release, while further accelerating the layout of KC domestic and international sales channels, to further expand KC in the field of mobile robot control market share, and continue to lead the mobile robot control system.1.png

KC Solution

KC was founded in 2015, adhere to the direction of ‘let mobile robots serve human beings’, focusing on mobile robot control system as the core, for domestic and foreign clients to provide a variety of types of mobile robots overall solution.5.png

After more than two years of research and development, since 2017 mobile robot navigation control system released globally in Hannover, Germany, KC has always kept the original intention, for China's manufacturing industry to continue to contribute to the rapid development of power. Since the release of the first generation of KC products, KC has been constantly upgrading and polishing the iteration of the product, the product has been widely used in various industries, and has been recognized by the head customers in various fields of the manufacturing industry, and has empowered the mobile robot products and business of 800+ clients. ‘Reliable, stable, flexible, easy to use’ product sales growth, re-order sticky continued to strengthen the annual revenue and profit compound growth rate of more than 150% +.4.png

In recent years, KC has built up a huge knowledge base (KC REPOS) through the polishing of hundreds of clients models and the accumulation of thousands of project applications, which is open to global clients. KC REPOS covers the whole process from pre-production robot design to application delivery, and covers the whole chain from first-set trial production to large-scale batch manufacturing.

Building blocks for mobile robots to promote industry standardization

KC SOLUTION is a leader in standardization in the field of mobile robotics. The standardized mobile robot control system is open, flexible, easy to use, and supports any third-party brand access. Through the graphical function development platform of KC robotics, customers can combine KC algorithms, hardware, and third-party functions and products as needed, and build their own products in a building block manner. Through the tool-chain software of KC, customers can fully realize all the engineering work related to the robot and complete the final delivery.

KC provides customers with industry-leading, standard, open, competitive, and optimal integrated total solutions. And through open ecological cooperation, with domestic and foreign partners, hand in hand, to empower customers.2.png

With the advent of the robot era, robots have become a key factor in determining the future of various industries. In this era, industries need to transform and upgrade to shorten time-to-market and improve production flexibility, productivity, and product quality. Such a change requires a partner with expertise and experience in robotics, automation, and AI, who has a long-term view and is willing to face the challenges head-on - and that's exactly what KC has.

Investor introduction

Golden Ant is a mixed ownership innovative investment platform based in Zhejiang and radiating across the country with a market-oriented operation, adhering to the mission of capital assistance and industrial empowerment, focusing on key industries such as intelligent manufacturing, big data and AI, and industrial digitalization.

Yuanjing Capital was founded in 2015 by Wu Yongming, co-founder of Alibaba. Focusing on hardcore technology, industrial intelligence, industrial digital intelligence, medical technology, cross-border e-commerce, etc.